شرکت Lynda آموزش استفاده از Vray RT را منتشر کرد

در این آموزش از مباحث اولیه و شناخت Vray RT و تفاوت آن با Vray Adv ، استفاده از RT در Active Shader، تنظیمات اولیه Vray RT در 3ds Max ، ایجاد انیمیشن و تنظیمات سیستم ذره ای در 3ds Max و رندر آن با Vray RT، استفاده از Render Element و در نهایت رندرینگ در Production و تنظیمات Post production در after effect را میتوانید فرا بگیرید.

Using Vray RT in Production Rendering with Brian Bradley 01
Find out how to use V-Ray RT as a bona fide production renderer in 3ds Max, even in a compositing-based pipeline. V-Ray RT has caught up to the standard production renderer in Max, with an engine that can take advantage of CPU and GPU processing; it's no longer just a tool for quick preview renders. This course shows how to set up V-Ray RT as an ActiveShade renderer and start adding geometry and cameras, creating animations, applying materials and lighting, and adjusting render settings for a professional-looking, efficient render in 3ds Max. Brian Bradley teaches all these techniques as he progresses through a mini-project, concluding with a brief chapter on compositing your final render in After Effects. The examples help show how V-Ray RT can be put to use in a simplified real-world production scenario, where speed and flexibility are equally important.
Topics include:
What is V-Ray RT?
Using RT as an ActiveShade renderer
Taking the options further
Setting up a V-Ray RT project in 3ds Max
Adding geometry and cameras
Creating animation with V-Ray RT
Setting up a particle system and deflectors
Adding lighting
Texturing and adding materials
Adding render elements
Adjusting render element parameters
Compositing in After Effects
- [Voiceover] Hello there, and welcome to Using V-Ray RT for Production Rendering. My name is Brian Bradley, and I am really looking forward to working with you as we take a look at how we canmake use of this powerful lighting and rendering solution for 3ds Max in a basic production-like setting. To get us started, we will take a look in chapter one at some V-Ray RT basics, familiarizing ourselves with just what V-Ray RT is, and how it controls work. But then, from chapter two onward,we will look at using the renderer in a simplified production scenario.
Basically, putting it to use on a mini project of our own that will include camera setup and animation,adding a particle effect, lighting and materials, state set, and render element setup. All, of course, along with creating the final renders, which we will then take into Adobe After Effects, so that we can look at putting our V-Ray render elements to good use in a compositing based approach to production. As we clearly have a lot of material to get through here, let's go ahead and jump right into Using V-Ray RT for Production Rendering.

آشنایی با کتاب The third and The Seventh

کتاب The Third and The Seventh با عنوان From Bits To Lens یکی از بهترین کتاب هایی است که میتوانید در زمینه رندرینگ Vray مطالعه کنید.
این کتاب توسط الکس رومان نوشته شده است و نکات کاربردی و بسیار حرفه ای را در زمینه خلق اثر ویدیویی معروف The third and The Seventh را در خود جای داده است. این کتاب شما را با تکنیک های خلق تصاویر حیرت انگیز این ویدیوی فراموش نشدنی آشنا خواهد کرد.
در هر فصل از کتاب میتوانید همراه با alex roman راه کارها، تئوری، روشها و تکنیک های موثر در زمینه رندرینگ معماری را فراگرفته و با تصاویر بی نظیر کتاب همراه باشید.
برای کسب اطلاعات بیشتر میتوانید به این لینک مراجعه فرمایید.

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